Scale Up & Business Optimization

Scale up and get the maximum out of your business

  • Benchmark yourself against leading competitors and peers and emulate their best practices
  • Anticipate the future. Pro-actively analyze risk(s) and get a grasp of your options through scenario-building / contingency-planning
  • Boost staff / business productivity, customer service and motivation by reviewing, streamlining and improving your key processes
  • Scale up and accelerate your growth with expert interim management and more rigorous business planning and execution

Do not leave “money (and quality) on the table”!

Efficiency. Productivity. Quality

Typical projects

Strategic Benchmarking

Competitive & Best Practices Benchmarking

Look beyond your own company and emulate the best
How often do you use external benchmarks to evaluate your performance? If you are part of the majority, very little. This is logical given that internal company information is much easier to come by than external data. However, not only does purely internal benchmarking fail to provide essential early-warning signs that you are falling behind the competition, but there are also many excellent and easily transferable ideas out there that could significantly boost your business. From a one-off competitive “audit” to restructuring your performance review processes, we can help you take your performance to the next level.

Risk Analysis & Scenario-building

Risk Analysis & Scenario-Building

Take control of your destiny. Anticipate. (Contingency) plan
We live in turbulent and unpredictable times and are unlikely to correctly predict the future. Those companies that have made it a habit to identify their key risks and think through alternative future scenarios and associated (contingency) strategies do a much better job reacting to the unexpected – quickly and decisively – than those competitors who do not. Whether for a specific major investment project or for your whole business, we help you save money, customer goodwill/trust and time (to-market), and boost your success rate.

Business Process Optimization (BPO)

Scale up projects and process optimization

Simplify your processes. Improve productivity, morale, quality
Solid processes are absolutely critical to the optimal performance of any organization. As organizations grow, however, it is very difficult to “keep things simple” and prevent increasingly complex processes (both formal and informal) from slowly overwhelming the mission or activity they are supposed to support. In other words, people start managing the process, not the result. The result: decreased effectiveness and efficiency, and frustration amongst staff and clients. We help clean-up, rationalize and optimize your processes (as well as document them for ISO/Quality certification/audits).

Business Plan Creation

Business / Investment Plan Creation

Be more convincing. Plan better. Accelerate your plans
Whether to secure investment for a major new product and venture, scale up or to simply improve internal decision-making rigor and accountability, we help our clients create top quality business cases, investment and business plans.