Go to Market / New Business Development

Ensure go to market success and growth

  • “Break out of the box” and identify innovative new growth opportunities and strategies
  • Ensure a focus on the highest ROI projects through a rigorous qualification of attractiveness vs your ability to compete
  • Optimize your chances of success through an optimally designed go-to-market strategy
  • Make it happen! Effectively execute with our hands-on support on sales and partner channel optimization

Optimize your scarce resources for maximum growth and ROI

Focus. Effective execution. Maximum ROI

Typical projects

New opportunity identification

Highest ROI opportunity identification & qualification

Identify innovative new growth strategies and ensure a rigorous, focused ROI-maximizing investment strategy.
Leveraging our diverse cross-industry experience and effective workshop techniques, we help our customers break out of the box and identify innovative new growth opportunities and strategies – often inspired by unrelated industries. More than that, we ensure you focus your scarce investments on the most attractive and “highest change of success” opportunities (i.e. that optimally leverage your capabilities) through our unique opportunity pipeline and qualification methodology.

Marketing Mix optimization

Optimal marketing mix / strategy design

Boost margins and organic growth rates with an optimized go-to-market strategy
The marketing mix of most companies far from optimized. For example, most B2B markets are relatively price-inelastic. This coupled with the optimization of the discount cascade to final contracted price represents a source of significant “direct to the bottom line” returns that is often overlooked. Moreover, an increasing pace of change (e.g. new challengers, shifting channel preferences) means that marketing mix optimization has become a process of continuous improvement, review and fine-tuning. Leveraging our multi-disciplinary team, ranging from pricing to channel to marketing and product experts, we help our customer significantly boost their margins and organic growth rates.

Effective Successful go to market

Hands-on go to market execution

Most consultants stop at the good advice. Execution is everything however. We get into the trenches with you to “make it happen”.
Even Napoleon, known as the master of strategy, said it: “Strategy is nothing. Execution is everything”. In most cases the difficulty does not lie in knowing what needs to be done, but in actually doing it. And not as a one-time “project-mode” exercise, but by building a sustainably, predictably successful organization (people, systems, processes). Leveraging our rich hands-on experience in building effective sales-teams and optimized marketing automation (often in full ownership interim management roles), we help our customers achieve success that lasts.