Our Consultants

Consultants with skin in the game

Our company was founded on the conviction that effective consulting requires not just intellectual rigor and the latest theories, but deep specific and hands-on industry and functional experience, gained by having gotten things done in the real world. In other words, having learnt what works and what does not by having had “skin in the game”, having held real business ownership and accountability for the long-term results.

While our partners and the majority of our network of independent consultants therefore share the top business and specialist degrees, intellectual and academic “tool kit” and international multi-lingual profiles that you would find in a typical consultancy, they distinguish themselves by their 15-20 year “real business ownership” careers. In other words, our consultants have done it successfully before” We do not deal in sterile theories, nor do we stop with the easy advice – we get into the trenches with you and – together – create concrete results.

Moreover, by working with a network of trusted sector and functional experts, we do not fall into the temptation of sending “whomever is free” to learn about your business on your time and at your cost. Instead, we can guarantee that every single project benefits from a true expert in their field and your industry.

That is not all. It means that we are able to contain our fixed costs / overhead and ensure our services are accessible to any size business or project. Indeed, our clients include many small-/mid-size entreprises and “first time consultant users” whose scepticism with regard to the costs and practical benefits of consultancy we have been able to overcome with clear, tangible business results and appropriate fees.


Some of our satisfied clients

  • Amadeus
  • Barilla
  • Triometric
  • Van Bavel Gifts
  • CXO-Cockpit
  • SmartHotel
  • Value Creation Capital