Business Intelligence & Performance Management

Get back control with real business intelligence

  • simply “clear the fog”, rationalize and refocus your internal reporting and KPIs for real business intelligence
  • turning the raw data in your CRM / sales pipeline into actionable, predictive dashboards
  • strategically aligning your organization with a Balanced Scorecard-based Management Information System (MIS)
  • putting in place turn-key solutions for XML Distribution-Chain Operational Analytics and Business Intelligence

we have a solution that fits your specific needs.

Focus. Visibility. Control

Typical projects

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Purely financial reporting usually fails to provide actionable management information and early-warning.
A “Balanced Scorecard” gives you back control – and full-visibility over – your performance by complementing your financial key performance indicators (KPIs) with forward-looking, operational KPIs in the 3 areas critical to meeting your financial targets: Client, Internal Processes and Innovation & Growth. Allowing you to address problems before it is too late and helping to align the organization more explicitly around the strategic priorities.

Sales / CRM Dashboards

Sales / CRM Dashboards

Take control of your sales success.
Extract the predictive power of your pipeline.

While most companies have a sales pipeline and/or CRM – whether in or Excel – very few business are able to transform the data these contain into clear “at a glance” actionable management information (e.g. “based on our conversion rates, how big does our pipeline have to be to hit our end-of-year target?”). We put this information at your fingertips, helping to improve forecasting and fine-tune sales incentive / target-setting.

XML Reporting

XML / Travel Distribution-Chain Analytics

Get real-time visibility over all your XML search traffic
And optimize your operational and revenue performance.

Most travel and hospitality companies lack full, real-time visibility of their distribution network both in terms of system performance and shopping behavior. Depending instead on time-intensive internal data crunching or 3rd parties to obtain access to booking data that is of limited value in providing early warning on operational problems and fine-tuning channel and revenue management strategy. Working with our technology partners, we put all your XML and channel data at your fingertips: consistently, real-time and with the critical reports already set-up and ready-to-use.